How Much Breakage is Normal for Transitioning Hair?

By . - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Losing hair can be a scary thing. Even when I know it's just shed hair breaking away, I still freak out a little bit when it's a handful. As you transition, your hair will be strained and stressed to a certain degree at the line of demarcation. You will create additional stress on your hair if you don't care for your strands properly. You must give your hair what it needs everyday to prevent breakage as you transition.

So, how do you know when the amount of breakage you have is normal? You will lose some strands when you detangle, but if you are constantly noticing hair breaking off into your hands, on the floor, in and around the sink or in the shower your breakage is excessive. If you gently tug at your hair and it breaks this is not normal. If you are simply stroking your hair and strands break away, again, this is not normal. So, what can you do specifically to repair your hair?
1. Deep condition your hair more often. It will help reduce the amount of breakage you are experiencing.
2. Incorporate a conditioner or deep conditioner with protein in your hair regimen. Protein balance is key.
3. Thoroughly moisturize your hair from root to tip to keep your hair soft and supple. Properly moisturized hair is less dry making it less susceptible to breakage.
4. Wear styles that require a little amount of manipulation. Styles that pull and strain your hair are causing additional stress to the line of demarcation, which increases breakage.

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