Make-up Monday - The Perfect Feathered Eyebrow

By . - Monday, September 07, 2015

The eyebrows frame a face and often make or break your entire make-up game. Don't get caught out in these streets with wack brows. Follow the instructions below so you can flourish.

The Toolkit
  • Slant Tweezers
  • Small Cuticle Scissors to Trim
  • An antibacterial gel that prevents redness and irritation after plucking.
Step 1: Hurry Up and Wait - Allow your brows to grow for 3-4 months in order to see their natural shape. Tame sprouting hair in the meantime with a brow gel to keep unruly hair in place.
Step 2: Find Your Natural Arch - Draw an invisible line from the corner of the nose straight up towards the forehead, this is where the eyebrows should start. The arch should fall just outside the pupil and should extend all the way across the brow bone. See the picture below

Step 3: Create the Shape - Use your bone structure and hair texture as a guide for your eyebrows. Softer facial features look best with a slightly thinner eyebrow, while a stronger bone structure is the perfect for a thicker brow. Tweeze hair in a comfortable, well and natural lit space. Get a pair of good tweezers with sharp slanted edges and pull hairs in the direction of growth. Hold skin taut while you are plucking. The arch should fall just beyond the the middle of the brow toward the outter tip. This creates an immediate opening and lifting quality for the whole face.
Not confident enough to tweeze your own brow? Find an eyebrow guru, and ask them to follow these tips to a perfect brow.

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