Cut 10 Minutes Off of Your Beauty Routine

By . - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Who has the time anymore? You've got deadlines to meet, breakfast to make, children to run around after and a partner that barely gets your attention. Now you want to forfeit your morning beauty routine?! It's not going to happen. I'm going to give you some tips that will have you looking gorgeous and out of the door 10 minutes earlier.

Save a Skin-Care Step

Instead of using a separate astringent or toner to smooth your skin, wash your face with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This ingredient breaks down and removes dead skin cells to keep your pores clean.

Go for the Bronze

Woke up late? Grab some bronzing powder instead of your usual multi-step makeup. Using a large brush, sweep bronzer all over your face to create a warm glow. Then dust a little extra on your cheekbones. With a small eye shadow brush, dab some on your eyelids and brows. You can even mix it with clear gloss for bronze-toned lips.

Enter the Neutral Zone

Neutrals don't show mistakes as much as bold colors, so you have a little leeway if you mess up while you’re rushing. Plus, taupes, tans, mauves, and browns blend naturally after a few minutes as your skin warms up. Find your perfect neutral: Choose one that’s a shade deeper than your natural eyelid or lip color.

Lash Out!

Nothing wakes up your face like mascara, but it's hard to apply neatly when you’ve got to run. Think about eyelash extensions, where a professional adds individual lashes to your real ones. The process is painless, and voila! You’ll look well-rested without any makeup at all. Extensions last up to two months, with touchups every few weeks.

Fake a Manicure

Don't waste time fixing chipped nails every morning. Instead of wearing colored nail polish, apply a clear nail strengthener every few days. It looks neat and polished, but it won't chip! And the added dose of vitamins and minerals will make your nails shinier.

At the end of the day, the fact remains the same, that if you don't make time for yourself you'll end up unhappy and unhealthy. The unhappy and unhealthy version of you is of no use to anyone. Love yourself!

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