I have a secret about my manicures...

By . - Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I get compliments on my manicure all the time, and I always smile and politely say thank you. Well, I have a secret and I can't hold it back anymore. My manicures are fabulous, but I no longer spend as much as the average woman. My manicure costs me a R39.95!

Clicks Pharmacy has their own line of professional nail kits that I absolutely love. The above colour is Ravishing Red and I love it! R39.95 you guys! There is officially no reason for you to be running around with jacked up nails. Get your manicure game up!

Each kit comes with the following items:
  • 24 nails
  • Glue
  • Buffer

It takes me about 10 minutes to apply the nails as directed. The two items that I also use along with this pack are an orange stick to push my cuticles back with and cuticle oil. This manicure will normally last me about 2 weeks when applied properly, but most at home nail kits recommend a max of 7 days. If you're not a red nail kind of girl, check out the few varieties they have below.

Pretty in Pink
Peach Long Square French Manicure

Poised Purple

The Poised Purple is a beautiful matte purple that is so funky. I'll go back to that in the coming weeks.

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