Are Relaxers Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

By . - Friday, October 02, 2015

The truth? No one knows if chemical relaxers negatively affect the growing foetus in your womb, but as a precautionary measure, OBGYN's generally advise to wait until AFTER the first trimester to continue your regular hair relaxer schedule.

What does Good Hair Diaries say? You should treat chemical relaxers and hair dye like alcohol. Doctors don't know exactly how much alcohol will lead to foetal alcohol syndrome, so the best advice is to stay away from it completely until you have given birth and completed breast feeding.

Another factor to consider is that your body is going through crazy hormonal changes, that may affect the texture of your hair, a chemical relaxer may not give you the normal results it once did. Yeah, that means that your hair may not get as straight as you want it! So save your money and get a blow-out or a roller-set instead. You can still wear your hair straight without the harsh chemicals.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair That Your Baby Comes First!!!

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