Introducing the Feminist Stokvel and The Hair Soiree

By . - Friday, March 13, 2015

Get Into This!

"The Feminist Stokvel is a group of 8 women who have come together with the aim of addressing the many social issues that uniquely face black women in South Africa, especially those that speak to how black women are represented in our public imagination.  We were brought together by the subject of hair, which we believe is the gateway to consciousness, self love, self respect and ultimately – self actualisation for women. While we are still coming up with a manifesto, the core value in what we do is that we are here for the black woman’s shine, in very simple terms.  We haven’t launched as a group yet because we believe that our time right now is best used doing instead of saying we are going to do.  So this Hair Soiree is the first of many types of projects and events including talk shops, film screenings, panel discussions, readings, online video content and any other projects that can grow in this mind frame organically, to shift thinking on a large scale.", says co-founder Miss Milli B.

Meet The Feminist Stokvel and Familiarise Yourself with their Work:

Wisaal Anderson – Wiscellaneous Blog

Miss Milli B -

Kavuli Nyali-Binase - Good Hair Diaries (Me!)

Danielle Bowler – EWN Contributor & Musician

Panashe Chigumadzi – Founder of Vanguard Magazine

Lebo Mashile – Biography

Lebohang ”Nova” Masango – Nova Herself

Pontsho Pilane – Womanist!
If you weren't able to get tickets to our first Hair Soiree, don't you worry! We'll be organising these events monthly and empowering brown women and parents with brown children with fundamental hair education.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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  1. Hi Kavuli,

    Thanks again for last Thursday.

    I have a question about the L.O.C. method please?

    (I think) I’m clear on the Liquid (water) and Oil (I use coconut oil). But I’m not clear on what is meant by cream. Can you please give me examples of SA products that constitute cream?



    1. Hi Zizwe,

      Thank you for attending and supporting the movement. It's going to be an amazing 2015!

      So the "C: in the L.O.C. method is a water based moisturiser that is thick. You may also use a conditioner for this step as well.

      Examples: ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisturiser

      Best of luck my dear!


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