Setting Your New Years Hair Goals

By . - Friday, January 02, 2015

The new year is such an encouraging time for everyone. It marks new beginnings and gives everyone "permission"to start a fresh. I know that many of you have a vision for your hair, but how exactly do you expect to achieve them?

Every year I set a goal and make my intentions known for my hair with a few simple steps. You can use the below information as a guideline and expand on it if it suits.

1. Keep Your Goals Clear and Concise

Most things that are overly complicated tend to be discouraging. If your discouraged then you probably wont follow through with your plans, and you'll find yourself in the very same place in the following your. Below are a few examples of how you should set your intentions for your hair.

  • "I want to retain 15cm of length this year."
  • "I want to establish a simple daily, weekly and monthly hair regimen.""
  • "I want to improve the elasticity and porosity of my hair."" 
2. Be Realistic

When you understand your particular hair type, you will be able to make realistic goals for your hair. Expecting to grow 30cm of hair in 12 months is very unrealistic, and some may even say it's impossible. Aim for the realistic and hope for the magical.

3. Keep a Hair Journal

A hair journal is so helpful and necessary. You'll want to record the current state of your hair and begin to keep track of the techniques and products you have tried throughout the course of the year. By the end of the year you should have a clear idea of what your hair likes and dislikes. Tracking your journey will also make it easier when you make next years goals, because your have a clear understanding of what is truly realistic.

4. Stay Focused

We often set goals and never follow through with the plan. Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind by leaving notes for yourself in the places that you go to everyday. For instance, a sticky note on the bathroom mirror that reminds you to moisturise your hair in the morning with a picture of your hair goal will keep you focused and encouraged.

Do you have any goal setting tips? Leave me a comment below or send your response to admin with the Subject: "Setting Your New Years Hair Goals" and I may feature your advice on Good Hair Diaries.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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