Transitioning Hair Week - What is Transitioning Hair and the Basics

By . - Monday, July 14, 2014

A method for returning to a natural hair texture from a chemically straightened one. Over a period of weeks or months, the ends of the hair will be cut away as the new growth appears. While the transitioning process will require the wearer to find various styles that work with both textures (the chemically processed and the natural), it's generally considered a less dramatic option in returning to natural hair than the "big chop."

Should I transition?
This is a completely personal thing. You should never transition for reasons outside of yourself. If you do, you may find you don't like the process, or dislike the end result. Transition or go natural for reasons of your own.

What's the difference between transitioning and going natural?
Well, one involves a period of growing out the chemically-treated hair to a certain length and then cutting it off to leave only the new growth: that's transitioning. Going natural involves simply getting a pair of scissors or going to the barbers and getting all the chemically-treated hair cut off - in one bold move!
How to start?
Read, read, read! Did I mention read? Seriously though, there is a host of information out there: Youtube, hair forums, hair care websites, magazines, name it! I recommend writing down your reasons for transitioning, then getting a little A6 book to document your findings. Alternately, you can just get a ring-binder file and print stuff off the net to put in! Start with questions on where you have no clue and go from there!

How to keep focused?
Have your list of reasons close by. Next, go online or check outmagazines and save, cut and paste lots of inspiring natural hairstyles into your folder. This could be ladies with hair like yours or completely different. It's the "mind-frame" you want to maintain. I had printed cartoons with natural hair on my wall to inspire me!

How long to transition for?
That is completely UP TO YOU! Some ladies, like myself, don't want to do the TWA (teeny-weeny afro) stage, so we go for long periods to grow the hair out. Others are just TOO excited to get to the all-natural stage. More power to them! Like I said above, research and keep your ears open to new tips, tricks and techniques that can make the transition smoother.

Be prepared to embrace your natural texture!
Do not go around thinking that your hair will look or act the same as someone else's you've seen. It is YOUR hair and that is THEIR hair! You deal with it as it sprouts! Love it, nurture it (with regular conditioning) and accept it! It's here to stay. Instead of obsessing over texture, start practising natural styles like braidouts, twistouts, bantu-knot outs and curly fros! This way, you get to grips with what your hair can do and what it likes!

How to deal with any negativity?
Honestly, toughen up! Some people will act like it's THEIR hair you've decided to do this to. Others may just think that you're trying to say something about their haircare practices. Let 'em know, "it ain't that deep".
You just want to discover your OWN hair and see how it reacts to different products, the atmosphere and your TLC. If all else fails, just bite your tongue and keep it moving! Be open-minded and never flare up at them. They'll notice when your hair is thriving and may just try it for themselves.
Remember, this transition is your idea. It is not to be taken lightly! And be ready to embrace your natural texture as it grows and grows! 


Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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