The Secrets to Blow Drying Natural Hair

By . - Friday, June 13, 2014

Shhhh…this one is for the natural sistas out there. There are so many techniques that you could use to get your hair in shape, but when it comes to blow drying, there are a few tricks you should have in mind.
The reason why it is so important to know these tricks is to protect the original texture of the hair. We spend so much time working on the hairs growth and texture that you don’t want a mistake ruining that progress.
Talking with celeb stylist & Beauty Ambassador for SheaMoisture, Diane Bailey, Essence goes deep into what blow-drying hair tips you should have at your finger tips.

1. Make sure the hair isn’t tangled.
2. Section your hair into manageable sections.
3. With a comb-blow dry, gently comb from your ends to your roots until it’s 90% dry.
4. Section those sections off as you blow dry so you can have better control
5. Prepare the hair for styling.

Watch to find out how to apply these tricks for the best results.
Have you blow dried your natural hair lately? Share your personal tips and tricks with us.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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