CLOSED!!! Challenge: Ponds Flawless Radiance 7 Day Challenge and GIVEAWAY!!!

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The good folks at Ponds were kind enough to send me their Flawless Radiance line of products, and challenge me to look after my skin, body and general well being. Being the type of woman that I am, I never back down from a challenge, so I embarked and took a journey to flawlessly radiant skin.

Day 1 - Care More For Your Skin

Beautifully packaged
Contents: POND’s Flawless Radiance Even Tone Facial Foam, Bright & Fresh Even Tone Toner, Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum, Even Tone Daily Lotion, Blemish Prevention UV Cream, Visible Even Tone Day Cream, Re-Brightening Night Treatment, Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream and BB Cream in either Beige or Chocolate. My favorite product is the Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream

Day 2 - Get Fit and Into Shape

A pink skipping rope was included in the package. Jumping rope is a great way to get your cardio in. It takes a little practice and skill, but once you get going, it feels so good to hear that rope it the group in a rhythmic pattern. Get yourself a jump rope and thank me later. 

Day 3 - De-Stress and Unclutter Your Mind
Aroma Soothz  - Soothing Necks in Lavender
I can honestly say that I used this heated neck and shoulder soother every evening for a week. The lavender really helped me to relax and get to bed quickly.

Day 4 - Indulge in Healthy Habits

Did someone say chocolate? Yes please! 70% cocoa dark chocolate is actually good for you. Everything is moderation though,so please don't polish the entire slab in a day.

Day 5 - Connect more with Family and Friends

I have a date with a friend next week, I'll be sure to use my Vida gift card and catch up on all that life has us going through. We're all busy but somehow we manage to make time for what's important.

Day 6 - Get Confident and Believe in Yourself
Yummy cupcakes *drools*

You're looking at cupcake mix!
Develop a new skill and get to baking!

Day 7 - Find Your Inner Peace

Meditation and prayer are my ways of finding inner peace.
When it gets too loud around me, I go inward and find my quiet space.

Stand A Chance to Win A Hamper from Ponds!!!

1. Become one the loyal followers by joining the Good Hair Diaries site by clicking the blue button and following the directions!

2. Leave a comment in the comment section below telling me how you achieve inner peace. Be sure to leave your email address as well.

3. Retweet this post on Twitter and be sure to tag @GoodHairDiaries

Two winners will be announced and the competition ends on  Monday, April 21st. 


Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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  3. I find a peaceful area. This could be a quiet room, and remove myself from the rest of the world. Close my door and and draw curtains. I limit distraction, by switching television, laptop, radio and cellphone off. I get comfortable, close my eyes and imagine. Accept and be at peace.

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  6. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I find that affirmations such as "you are beautiful or you are smart" helps redirect my mind to be more peaceful and bring about positive thoughts for the day. It really helps especially when juggling campus and our duties become too much at times (

  7. I achieve inner peace by simply being alone and doing things that calm me down. Mainly listening to music and reading a novel. I relax, and let all my cares float away (

  8. Inner peace is a cross I have to pick up daily. Lately, it has come to mind that this also comes with reacting maturely and making an effort to choose your mindset. My formula is fluid except for a continuous willingness to try, and trust in the faith I hold dear to me. However, I have learned to refrain from sweating the small stuff, to allow the things that offend, challenge or hurt me to run off my back like water, and to enjoy the things which please my body, mind and soul. My favourites include tea, books, beautiful food and the odd pamper session. This usually equals a hot bath, washing my hair, painting my nails and using my favourite soap as the additional goodies are just too pricey for my shoestring budget. When the strains of life become to much, I soak up quiet time, pray, write and make allowances for coffee dates with friends who can help me process and make me laugh. Inner peace would definitely be complimented by these wonderful products from Ponds and Good Hair Diaries.

  9. Apologies, I did not include my e-mail address with my comment:

  10. Lol....posted the same message 4 times...That's how much I want to win!!!! GHD make it happen please... :D

  11. Honestly for me it's simply prayer and meditating on the word in the bible. Jesus says in John "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you, not as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." What peace can be greater than this? Peace that supersedes any peace we seek in man here on earth or any methods of man. Eternal peace, confident peace. There's no other ultimate.

  12. I achieve inner peace 1stly by praying.When I'm done I feel better immediately its a way of releasing stress and strengthening my faith. I always feel stronger,ready to face any challenges. Exercising in the form of Zumba or using a skipping rope always leaves my body fresh and leaves my mind with positive thoughts..For me reading inspiring quotes that I've saved on my phone always lifts up my mood. Always being conscious of the decisions I make daily helps eliminate stressful situations in future.Knowing that I have a family that loves me wholeheartedly makes me realise how blessed I am.That is how I achieve my inner peace. Email:

  13. Whenever I am seeking inner peace the first thing I do is pray.I always feel so much better after prayer,like I can face any challenge.It strengthens my faith,making me a much stronger person. I also exercise in the form of Zumba or using a skipping rope for a healthy lifestyle and mind.When you feel good about your body your self esteem improves as well. There are also inspirational quotes that I saved on my phone,I always read them to lift up my mood and to remind myself of what's important. I try to always be conscious of the decisions I make to avoid stressful situations in future..Lastly,reminding myself that I have a family that loves me unconditionally makes me realise how blessed I am..That is how I achieve my inner peace. Email add:

  14. I achieve inner peace by writing my thoughts down. Writing down what I feel and think helps me deal with my emotions. Reading what I wrote yesterday or the day before and looking at how far I've come since then always makes me feel better. One page a day to becoming a better me.

  15. I attain inner peace by my 5 daily prayers. Alone time with God gives me total inner peace:-)

  16. I achieve inner peace by my 5 daily prayers. Alone time with God gives me the ultimate inner peace:-)

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  19. Dear Kavuli,

    We are glad that your Aroma Soothz soothing neck pillow helped you relax at bedtime. We hope you are still enjoying the benefits.

    Stay well.
    Deby & Cindy
    Aroma Soothz


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