Setting Healthy Hair Goals For the New Year

By . - Thursday, January 02, 2014

We just entered the year 2014, and like any other new year we are encouraged to start anew. One of the ways that we do this is by setting goals. If you have a particular vision for your hair in the new year, let me help you set goals that you can achieve and be proud of.

Goal Setting Tips

1. Be Specific!

I find that being specific about my hair goals helps me to remain focused and motivated to stay on track. For instance, my hair goal for 2014 is to reach full bra-strap length when straightened with a blunt cut and thick ends by January 1 2015. Another reason for making your healthy hair goals specific is that your hair regimen needs to help you meet these specific goals. 

2. Develop a Simple Hair Regimen!

Most folks don't stick to their hair regimens for two main reasons:
  • It takes too long to get through their daily hair regimen.
  • Sheer laziness
All you really need to begin with is a wash, deep condition and moisturizing schedule. Keep it super simple and you will be consistent. If you need more help building a regimen, read this post I did a while ago or book an email consultation with me and learn all the tips and tricks I have up my sleeve.

Make sure that your regimen coincides with your hair goals. For instance, if your goal is healthier ends, you'll want to make sure that protective styling, moisturizing and sealing and deep conditioning are major parts of your regimen.

3. Set Mini Goals Leading to Your Ultimate Goal!

Be sure to break your ultimate goal down to mini ones. For instance, if your goal is to retain 6 inches (15cm) length this year, be sure to do a length check every quarter to be sure you are on the right track. if you aren't retaining the length, then you know that you can change a few things in your regimen before the year is up.

4. Track It!

Keep a journal and take lots of pictures of your hair. I can't stress this enough! Document what your doing to your hair, what products work and which don't. Take lots of pictures of your hair at many different stages to keep up with your progress. When you look back at your hair journey, you'll really be able to put a finger on what works for YOUR hair.

What are your new year healthy hair goals? let me know in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

xoxo Kavuli

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  1. My hair goals are to retain length and comtinue to treat my breakage problem.


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