Don't Call My Textured Hair Ethnic!

By . - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last night on Twitter, Lerato Tshabalala ( Editor-in-Chief at True Love Magazine) asked the women to chime in on their thoughts about the word "ethnic' being used to describe their hair. Well, she opened a can of disgruntled worms with this one. It turns out that the vast majority of women resent the term and prefer for their crown of glory to just be called hair, black hair, curly hair, textured hair or something not so damn PC!

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"@GoodHairDiaries: It's a broad name for anything not white. It's irritating at times."LeratoTJ: how do we feel about the term ethnic hair?"
10:42pm · 10 Sep 13 · Twitter for Windows Phone 
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'ethnic' (= hair); 'nude' (= beige make-up/ clothes); 'tribal' (= printed clothes) --> PC terms used in mags that 'Other' women of colour
11:27pm · 10 Sep 13 · web 

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@GoodHairDiaries it is just a term as much as "straight" or "curly" hair is. It defines a hair type.Why attach so much meaning to it?
11:27pm · 10 Sep 13 · Twitter for iPhone 

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Hahahahh I actually don't have an issue wit dat term. Better than some1 saying "black hair" o_O RT ... · 10 Sep 13 · UberSocial for BlackBerry 

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So your hair is just hair but mine is ethnic?
And 'biracial hair'? Don't even get me @GoodHairDiaries11:21pm · 10 Sep 13 · Twitter for iPhone 

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Yes! "@janine_j: dislike it. all people are some or other 'ethnicity' feels like it's just a PC way to avoid saying afro/black/kinky/curly"
11:49pm · 10 Sep 13 · Twitter for Windows Phone 

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@brodiegal: @LeratoTJ i have ethnic hair. black hair is different. ethnic could mean anything.” THANK YOU!
10:57pm · 10 Sep 13 · Twitter for iPhone 

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I hate the term!!! RT @PartlyRetha: Annoyed. The f*** is "ethnic"? RT “@LeratoTJ: Ladies, how do we feel about the term: ethnic hair?”
11:36pm · 10 Sep 13 · UberSocial for BlackBerry 

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@LeratoTJ I just have a huge problem with the word 'ethnic'..... :/ I find it so othering.
11:35pm · 10 Sep 13 · web 
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At the mag I work for, if you can't tell me from which 'tribe' a print originated from, then we can't describe it as 'tribal'. I mean... 
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So are we banishing the term "ethnic hair" from @GoodHairDiaries from this point forward? Let us a sista know! #IWorkForYou11:12pm · 10 Sep 13 · Twitter for BlackBerry®

I have used the word "ethnic" when talking about black hair many times, and though I would love to remove the word from the blog, ain't nobody got time for that. When you know better, you do better! From this day forward, I will be using more descriptive and intelligent words to describe all types of hair.

Stop using the word ethnic to describe my black hair. 
Boss man says it disrupts!

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