5 Reasons Why Your Hair Stays Dry

By . - Monday, June 10, 2013

If you are one of those women that say they moisturize religiously but still have dry and brittle hair, you want to have a seat and take some notes. You may just be doing it wrong.

1. You Shampoo But You Don't Condition

I know what you're thinking. Where the hell do people do that? But I can tell you that I have spoken to plenty of women that wash their already very dry hair with a stripping shampoo, and then neglect to follow-up with a rinse out conditioner or deep condition. Shampoo removes the dirt and oil from the hair to give it that squeaky clean feeling, but it's imperative that you follow up with a moisturizing conditioner. A deep condition would be even better!

2. You Haven't Switched To A Sulfate Free Shampoo Yet

Sulfates are extremely drying to the hair, and usually the second ingredient in most commercial shampoos. Now that we have sulfate free shampoos out on the market, there really isn't a reason to be stripping your hair of all it's natural oils during your weekly wash. Get your scalp and hair clean and keep it moist with a sulfate free shampoo.

3. Butters and Oils Are Not Moisturizers

I said it! With the exceptions of coconut , jojoba and a few other oils that can penetrate the strand of hair - oils and butters will sit on the outside of the hair as sealants. They don't add any moisture to the hair on their own. Try spraying your hair with water first, and then you can apply your butter or oil on top to seal in the moisture.

4. Your Hair Has Too Much Product Buildup

I'm a silicone girl. I use them as heat protector when I straighten and I like them in my conditioners for easy detangling. The issue with this is that eventually the products buildup on the hair, and without a sulfate shampoo to remove it, moisture is unable to penetrate the hair shaft. Clarify your hair once a month to remove product buildup as necessary.

5. You're Not Feeding The Ends Of Your Hair

I feel like a broken record since I say this all the time. The ends of your hair the oldest, driest and most fragile part of the hair. You have to place your moisturizer directly at the ends of the hair and seal in that moisture with a butter or oil. Tuck them away when your done for added benefit of length retention.

Do you have any hair moisturizing tips? Let us know in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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  1. Where we live its very dry and I'm still trying to find products that moisturize as well as water does. What do you recommend for a toddlers hair?

    1. The kiddies detangling sprays and braid sprays really work wonders. They are also easy to use since they come in a spray bottle. Try it out and let me know how it works! Thanks for the comment <3

  2. Hey there, I just dropped in at Curly Nikki's and saw this post which fwd me here. Do you recommend any detangling sprays? Or just the regulars frorm Oyin. Thanks.


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