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By . - Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I was wondering if it's alright to apply oil to my hair before getting my hair relaxed at the salon.

- Anonymous


Hi Anonymous!

Thank you for your question. Not only is it ok to apply oil to your hair before a relaxer, but it's actually something that I recommend to all of my clients! Gently apply a natural oil of your choice such as castor, coconut or olive oil to your scalp nightly. Do this starting from 7 days before your due to relax. Also, be sure to apply the oil to the already relaxed hair to prevent overprocessing. Keep it off the new growth though, you want this hair to get straight. Oil can prevent the relaxer from taking properly.

I hope this answers your quetions!


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  1. Good advice but i wonder how it is practically done. If i put oil on My scalp there is no way it wont get on the new growth. If i would do it for seven days and sleep seven nights, for sure it Will be rubbed on to the new growth. I did have oil on My scalp once before relaxing and the hair didnt get relaxed and was underprocessed.

    I have oil on My hair all other weeks but relaxer week. 7 days before i Wash it With a clarification shampoo/chealating and Then i keep the hair totally product free until relaxer day. Maybe a tiny bit of oil in the very ends, but Then i make sure it is in braids or something, far away from the root. On the relaxer day, the scalp has produced enough talg to protect the scalp and i just Apply macadamia oil to the lengths to protect Then from getting relaxer on Them.

    Im not saying you are wrong or anything but for me, oil prevents the relaxer from working and Many of My hair products have oil in Them, thats why i dont use products the last 7 days. I ve found that by doing this, the relaxer works faster and i dont have to have it in the hair for so long.


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