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By: SHERRELL DORSEY via Coco and Creme

Anyone who has grown locs for a significant amount of time can identify with the traumatic experience of loc breakage. When locs become dry and brittle (sometimes the side effect of color treatments or lack of moisture) or long and heavy, they have the tendency to “snap” or thin out and eventually break off.
Sometimes it’s simply a fact of life for people with locs. No matter how fierce and diligent your hair care routine you may encounter this problem.
In the event that your locs break, here’s a four-step back up plan to minimize the damage and repair your ego:
  1. Discovery – Research your hair care routine and habits to get to the root of why your locs are breaking and/or snapping. Are you pulling your hair too tight when you style? Are you over-performing regular maintenance like palm-rolling or washing too often? Have you neglected adding daily moisture to your hair for regular hydration? By identifying the cause, you can work hard to prevent future breakage.
  2. Re-attach – Take your fallen lock to your nearest loctician who can help you re-attach your loc and give you back your length. Use this time in the salon chair to learn how you can prevent future breakage. Sometimes you simply need a trim (recommended at least once per year) to reduce weight and pulling of your locs.
  3. Prevention – Do you have any locs that are stretching, thinning in the center, or simply look as if they are surviving on just a few strands? Bingo! Prevent these babies from falling to their doom by having your stylist “repair” your loc in the trouble areas. You can also repair your locs at home by taking a small section of added hair (the kinky, curly human hair from the beauty supply store works best) and wrapping your loc with the added hair around any thin areas.
  4. Protection – Even locs need a little bit of protection from environmental elements and constant manipulation. Think about protective styles like up dos, braids, twists, and buns that you can wear for at least a week, which will give your locs a break.
What are your tips for managing loc breakage? Let us know in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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