Trying A New Protein Treatment For My Hair

By . - Thursday, January 24, 2013

Often times after using the same product on your hair for a long time, you may not receive the same stellar results from the first time around. Our hair does get used to certain products, and once in a while, you may need to switch things up to give your hair a break and achieve your desired results.

Since I plan to keep my hair in a protective style for most of the year, I want to make sure that I strengthen my hair before and after my hairstyle. For this reason, I'll be using CHI Deep Brilliance Silkeratin 17 as my go-to protein treatment. I picked up a bottle from Dis-Chem over the weekend, and so far I am extremely pleased.
CHI Brillance Silkeratin 17
CHI Brillance Silkeratin 17

CHI Deep Brilliance System is a line developed by hairstylists with experience working on highly textured hair. 
CHI Brillance Silkeratin 17 is a hair fortifying treatment.


  • Concentrated, deep penetrating, advanced hair treatment 
  • Contains most of the hair's natural proteins and amino acids, which come from silk and keratin
  • Superior formula works from the inside out to help nourish and restore hair 
  • Repairs severely damaged or weak hair and create stronger, healthier, and shinier hair


After shampooing the hair, towel blot to remove excess water. Apply up to 2 oz. of SILKERATIN 17 directly onto the hair and cover with plastic bag. Apply heat for 15 minutes. No heat is required before a chemical service. Rinse thoroughly. For softer hair, follow with CHI Deep Brilliance Moisture Shine Treatment.

Every protein treatment must be followed up immediately with a moisture treatment to soften the hair again. It doesn't have to be from the CHI brand of products but it must be a moisture deep conditioner.

Have you tried any of the CHI Deep Brilliance lines of products? If so, which are your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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