It's Letter Time! - My Thank U Note!!!

By . - Friday, December 07, 2012

Hi Kavuli

This is not one of those emails asking how to do this and that, its a thank you email. Here's why...

All my life I've had looooooong hair, all bouncy and the envy of multitudes (exaggerating a bit but yeah, something like that). In January this year I relaxed my hair and I swear God didn't prepare enough for what my hair was about to show me. It got soooo bad, a friend of mine told me I looked like a poor Sangoma (Traditional Doctor) :(.
So I decided, I'm gonna chop it all off!...

I didn't!!! I decided to transition, I was gonna transition for a year... I didn't... By June I was sick and tired of the two textures and I told a friend of mine (who had recently done the Big Chop :) ). She went, "Follow @goodhairdiaries on twitter", and... I did! And I swear that was the best decision I've ever made 4 my hair... Nd Yes, I big chopped in July...

So its been 5 months with my short hair (twa) and I LOVE it!!! And I don't know what kind of Sangoma (Traditional Doctor) I would be looking like now without your help!!! So THANK U!!! Love the blog so much I check it everyday to go through the same stuff I went though the previous day (Creepy, yes)

Here's to Good Hair!!! *AsIToastWithMyself* Much love nd I hope others have benefited from ur blog as much as I have!!!

Please find attached my 5 month old hair!!!

Thanks again,

Clemy Mokhine


GHD says....

Thank you, Clemy! Your words are sweet and touch me deeply. I can honestly say that I am proud to be of service to women like you. It makes all the work worth it. Here's hoping that I serve you even better in 2013.

Bless you!

Kavuli Nyali-Binase

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. That is so sweet! It's always humbling to know that what you have to say has actually helped another woman out in ways you would never imagine. You go Kavuli!

  2. Thanks, A! I hope to continue whatever it s I am doing properly.


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