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After attending the TRESemmé & Motions Sheer Glamour Hair Show at SA Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to pick the brains of the TRESemmé SA Research and Development  and Brand Team. Some of you sent in your questions, and I made sure to get them answered. Let's see what the TRESemmé team had to say.

Q: The ethnic hair community has really taken to the TRESemme Naturals line of products. What led to the development of the Low Sulfate Shampoo and Conditioner?
A: TRESemmé Naturals was actually developed to take advantage of the huge increase in the consumer demand for more natural and good for you products – across beauty, fabrics and foodstuffs. Hence TRESemmé introduced two Naturals variants. As their formulation was designed to be less harsh the sulfate level had to be reduced – and so the products offered a lower sulfate formulation. It was coincidental at that time that lower sulfates became recognized in association with more smoothing properties.
Q: Deep treatments or deep conditioners are an obsession of the South African woman. Does TRESemmé have any deep treatments? If so, please break down the hair type for each product.
A: TRESemmé had one deep treatment in the range called Deep Reconstruct Masque and was designed for dry, damaged hair. Unfortunately due to poor distribution and consumer off take we have had to discontinue this variant , but will in future be including deep treatment masques in all our new ranges …so watch this space! We can however, recommend Dove treatment products both in tubs and the latest one is the Daily Treatment Conditioner in a tube – which does a wonderful job of treating one’s hair in just 1 minute.
Q: What can we expect from TRESemmé line of products in the following year?
A: Now, you know that would be like giving away state secrets… What we can say is tha TRESemmé will continue to deliver wonderful innovations meeting the ever changing needs of our valued consumers.
Q: Merle Dipuo Seema asks: "Has TRESemmé tested their products on ethnic hair varieties? If so, please let us know which types. We are like licorice, there are many kinds."
A: TRESemmé is designed for Caucasian Hair types – although shampoos and conditioners can be used by anyone – consumers are the best at knowing what type of hair they have and have generally found that the TRESemmé Protect variant works very well for Ethnic hair.
Q: Chioniso Masundire asks: "Which products are suitable for natural and/or relaxed afro textured hair?"
A:  Unfortunately as mentioned we have not tested any of our products specifically on Ethnic Hair and so to recommend anything unless we were 100% sure would be irresponsible of us.
Q: Odilile Ayodele asks: "I would like to know if the TRESemmé dry shampoo is suitable for curly and coily hair."
A: We would recommend the latest variant to our range which is the TRESemmé RADIANCE DRY SHAMPOO. This has been developed specifically for dark hair and so the transparent powder does not leave any white residue. The dry shampoo is suitable for all hair types.

Q: Christine Midzi asks: "Does TRESemmé have a range of products for curly hair? If so, where can we find it? If not, why not?"

A: TRESemmé does not unfortunately have a specific range for Curly hair as most shampoos and conditioners can be used on curly or straight hair.  As far as our styling products go well we have a superb range of TRESemmé hairsprays that can be used by all to finish off that look!

Thanks to the TRESemmé team for taking time to answer our questions. So how do you feel about the brand? Will you be using TRESemmé on your kinky, curly and wavy hair anytime soon? Let us know in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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