Wisaal of Wiscellaneous reviews GHD's Consultation

By . - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Check out Wiscellaneous and read her response to a Good Hair Diaries Consultation!

Good Hair Diaries (GHD) Consultation – I loved this!

I’ve been hair and skin involved my entire life. I‘m always looking for new info and keeping an open mind to trying new ideas and products. As such I’m currently subscribed to 15+ magazines and buy at least a further 5/6 titles monthly to keep a abreast of whats happening. Some of these magazines are actually aimed at the professionals working in the hair & skincare industry – yup, that’s how far my addiction’s evolved.
For years now though I’ve been bored with many of these mags and have been trying to wean myself off them feeling that I’m not really learning anything new per se.  I was in *this* frame of mind when came across Good Hair Diaries (GHD) on twitter quite by chance and reading through her timeline (her name is Kavuli by the way), I was rather impressed with the advice being dispensed. One of these tweets offered a personal consultation service and going through my own hair journey, I felt like I definitely could do with a hand.
So on a recent trip to Cape Town I booked a session and she conveniently came by my hotel. When I’d initially booked the session via email, Kavuli asked what my hair concerns were and I laid them out.
My hair goals:
  1. Defined curls
  2. Hair growth
  3. Proper hair ongoing regimen
Kavuli was really warm, open and unintimidating and she knows a lot! It felt like having a chat with friend. She arrived with a suitcase of products and I’d brought some of my ownto show her what I was using and so we started by discussing what my day-to-day regimen was currently.
It was good to know I was already on the right track with a few things:
  • Co washing is definitely a good idea to keep hair moisturised
  • Using a wide toothed comb  to detangle hair while its soaked with conditioner
  • Using natural oils is very good – my favourite is virgin coconut oil
  • Watch out for bad ingredients: mineral oil, sulphate, paraffin, petroleum
  • There’s no such thing as white and black hair care products, there are only products that work for you!
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