Dusting Your Hair

By . - Sunday, September 30, 2012

I was recently asked about dusting on Twitter. I realized that I haven't really touched on the subject, so let's chat about dusting.


A dusting is where a very small amount of hair is trimmed off the ends of the hair.  So little is removed that it looks like fine dust on the floor. Ends can be dusted to remove splits before they become out of control.


1. Take a small section of hair split it in two.

2. Twist the section of hair so that it's neat and smooth. You may notice little hairs that are split poking out from the twist.

3. Dust by trimming just above the split ends.

4. Undo the twist and twist in the opposite direction in order to expose any other splits you may have missed.

5. Repeat this process throughout the entire head. There should only be a light 'dusting' of hair on your counters or floor.


*One should dust their hair every 6 to 8 weeks to keep split ends under control.

* Hair sheers are the proper tool for this process. Please keep your craft scissors far from your hair.

* Be sure to dust your hair under adequate natural lighting for best results.

* A beauty mirror with a magnified side is your best friend for those sections that are hard to see.

Do you dust your hair to avoid having to cut large amounts of damaged hair? Tell us your technique in the comment section below!

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. Hair Dusting?WOW! I never tried this one. This must be great.

    1. It really is helpful for keeping those split ends at bay while still retaining the majority of length. Try it! Thanks for the comment.


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