Sew-in Weave Protective Style Challenge - Day 1

By . - Monday, September 17, 2012

A big thanks to our sponsor, Demi Godess for sending beautiful 14 inch Mongolian Remy Hair. The look and feel is to die for and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks, Demi Godess!

Are you interested in purchasing Demi Godess Mongolian Hair? See the details below:

Demi Godess

593 Puccini Street, 
Constantia park

Pretoria 0010


South Africa

Tel: 012 993 3561!/Demi_Godess

This is day 1 of the 6 week sew-in weave protective style challenge. If you would like to join the challenge of protecting your hair while growing it long and strong, check out the details in this post --> 6 week sew-in weave challenge

I decided not to disturb the natural wave of this hair, and instead manupulated my own hair to match it. I have a bit of frizz at the top of my head since I forget to run some serum through my hair. I think this hair is super cute.

I ended up pinning one side up for a less glamorous hairstyle. My attempt was for the hair to look as natural as possible. I think I achieved that look.

I plan to straighten, roller set and pin curl this hair in the following weeks. My attempt is to show everyone how versatile weaved hair can be, and to see how much manipulation Demi Godess hair can take. We will also chat about the best way to treat weaved hair to get the most out of it.

Have you joined the weave challenge? If so, let us know what sort of style you are rocking and how you plan to care for your hair during this time in the comment section.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. Great post and photos! I really love remy hair weave , I know it can be pricey but I totally think it's worth the price. Thank you for sharing this with us!


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