Twist-Out 101 - Creating a defined curl or wave in kinky hair

By . - Thursday, August 30, 2012

Women with kinky, curly and wavy textured hair can use a twist-out to manipulate their natural curl pattern. It's the perfect pay to achieve a controlled or not so controlled curly wave.


  • Wide tooth comb for parting
  • Paddle brush for detangling
  • Spray bottle filled with plain water
  • Curl defining creme
  • Natural oil to seal in the moisture

Before - Beautiful Undefined Natural Hair


  • Detangle freshy washed and deep conditioned hair with your paddle brush
  • Part hair with wide tooth comb or free hand in order to spritz section of hair with water *Size of section depends on preference*
  • Apply curl defining creme to section of hair and seal with a little bit of oil before twisting the section of hair. Repeat throughout the head

  • Dry hair under a hooded dryer or overnight. It's very important to only untwist when the hair is completely dry.

  • Here is the general look of a neat and defined twist out after the twists are taken out.
  • For a fuller looking twist out, separate each twist even more with a little oil on the finger tips to prevent frizzing. Stick your fingers in the roots of your hair and shake things up a bit.
  • Your final look should be full and defined!
After - Defined Twist Out

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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