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By . - Thursday, May 07, 2015

“Could you explain to me the proper way to detangle and shampoo my hair. On wash days I lose a lot of hair and I think it’s due to the way I shampoo. I usually just rinse out my deep conditioner and begin applying the shampoo to my scalp ( I don’t put my hair in a big mess though), but still end up with a lot of tangles. Please give me some of your wisdom!

-Phoebe Providence”
Hi Phoebe,

I would suggest that you only detangle your hair when it’s soaking wet and drowned in conditioner in the shower. With a wide tooth comb or a Denman brush, begin detangling from the ends of your hair working your way to the roots. The water and conditioner should be providing enough slip for the comb to run through. If after rinsing your deep conditioner you feel that a shampoo is necessary, you may go ahead and do that. Apply the shampoo to the scalp only and allow the water to run straight down your hair. The reason why you have tangles after shampooing is because the harsh detergents dry out the hair and make it hard. ALWAYS use a conditioner after a shampoo in order to put moisture back into the hair. You should have minimal tangles this way.

I hope this helps!

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