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By . - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Fabulous Feature: Kavuli from Cape Town, South Africa

Tell us about your hair journey! Why did you go natural?
I grew up with long hair as a child. My mother would grease my scalp and braid my hair up. I would go to the salon one in a while to get my hair washed and pressed. I absolutely loved it and my hair was super healthy and past shoulder length. One day I decided that I wanted a relaxer like the rest of my friends, and it was a slow downhill tumble from there. I experienced a lot of breakage and dryness and soon my hair barely grazed my shoulders. Believe it or not, I stopped relaxing my hair back in the year 2000 when the music I was listening to began to influence my mind. Music artists like Mos Def, Common, Dead Prez & Pharoah Monch sang about a black woman's natural hair and it made me want to drop the 'Creamy Crack' and run for the hills. I grew my relaxer out allowing my natural curl pattern to come through. It was beautiful! I haven't looked back since. I still knew nothing about hair health. I would just wash my hair and leave conditioner in it to define my curls.

What do you wish you knew before you went natural?
I wish I would have known how people would turn their noses up to my natural hair in advance. Perhaps I would have been able to prepare myself mentally. I was constantly asked if I had a jeri curl or an was really annoying! I also wish I would have known about moisturizing and sealing the ends of my hair back then. Boy would I have retained a lot more length! You live and your learn.
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Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. This is SO cool! I've never seen a blog like this one. I found you on Twitter because you RT something I tweeted (thanks :)). I went natural about 4 years ago because the perm had thinned my hair out so much that it was long and limp. After I grew the entire perm out (1 1/2 year long process), I discovered, "I've got good hair!" I never needed a perm to begin with. It's amazing how versatile our hair is if we know what to do with it.

    What has made my hair grow so long and strong is a product called Barley Green by Dr. Hagiwara. I take a tablespoon a day in my orange juice and it's the equivalent of having a large leafy green salad (all the nutrients that are in it). My mom used it to grow her hair long and healthy years ago and it grew at least 10 inches before she stopped using it. Mine had grown at least 6 inches and continues to grow at a rapid pace since I started using it. My nails also grow really long and thick.

  2. Fawn, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the blog. I aim to serve all my followers with useful information. I will be doing my research on Barley Green by Dr. Hagiwara. It sounds quite interesting and it may be something my followers are interested in knowing about.

    Come back again! I'm a proud member of the Happy Wives Club :)

  3. I've been rebonding my hair for so long and after this last one I realized it's just too much chemicals and my hair is not liking it! I should learn to embrace my curls!


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