Starting a Healthy Hair Journey - Building a Regimen Part 2

By . - Monday, November 14, 2011

Check out the link above to see Part 1 of building a regimen. You will need to start their first. In this next section, I will be going into more detail about your regimen and how to tweak things a little to make it perfect for you. After-all, your hair is unique and this isn't one size fits all.

Document It
Now that you have all the products you need and you know how to use them on a very basic level, it's time to start documenting everything. Start by taking pictures of your hair at the beginning of your hair journey. It doesn't matter how damaged or lackluster your hair may look. It's important know where you are in order to see where you want to go. You also may want to keep a little notebook documenting how each product you are using makes your hair feel. You may need to toss a moisturizer if it's too heavy for your hair, or you may need to try a different protein conditioner if it's making your hair break off. You may have a sensitivity to protein based products all together! You won't be able to tell what works for you and what doesn't if you don't document it and keep a journal.

Keep It Simple
Your regimen should be as simple as possible at the end of the day. You may want to look into products that double in their uses. For instance, whatever natural oil you choose can be used to seal the ends of your hair after moisturizing, and double as a hot oil treatment weekly or monthly. Pick a moisturizing conditioner for your DC's (Deep Conditionings) and thin it out with water and a bit of your favorite oil to make it a leave-in conditioner. Maybe your not keen on having two different shampoos in your cabinet. Take your moisturizing shampoo and add a bit of baking soda to it in order to make it a clarifying shampoo. One product with two uses!

Minimal Manipulation
Try not to manipulate your hair too often. Too much combing and tough brushing can literally rip your hair out. Pulling your hair into tight ponytails will also cause thinning and breakage as will. Invest in some ouchless ponytail holders and hair clips that are gentle on the hair. Your hair will thank you!

Cover Your Hair At Night
You should be using a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to go to bed at night. This will protect your hair from your pillow and keep it out of your way when you are sleeping. Super important!

Be Consistent
It's really important to be consistent with your hair regimen in order to see am improvement in your hair. After a couple of months of moisturizing a sealing the ends of your hair nightly, you may find that your hair doesn't need that anymore and you may decide to M&S (Moisturize & Seal) every other night. You won't know what works for you if you aren't consistent.

Be Patient
Nothing worth having comes overnight. Everything of great value takes time and care, and this principle goes for your hair. Just be patient and document your journey so you may celebrate your victories.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about building your hair regimen. 
Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. This is such a useful blog! My hair is fine and wavy- not exactly your target, but I can appreciate how great your hair looks and how helpful you are to like-haired people :)


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