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By . - Monday, August 08, 2011

For those of you who love wearing your hair straight, whether you achieve the look through a relaxer, a hot comb, or weaves, the summer heat could become your biggest foe in the attempt to maintain straight tresses. All of a sudden, you find yourself pulling out your blow dryer, hot comb and flat iron more than usual. The slightest exposure to humidity and moisture in the air can turn your straight hair to curly, creating a look you weren’t going for. While you have gotten used to applying the heat, and understand that no matter what you do, daily heat application may be the only solution, you must consider the ultimate damage you are incurring on your locks. Constant heat application is extremely damaging to your hair, and we are here to tell you how.

What is heat damage?

Heat damage occurs when you apply too much heat to your hair damaging your hair cuticles. This could permanently alter the chemical structure of your hair, making what should be curly locks appear straight.

Have you ever experienced it?

Take for example a woman who wears weaves as a protective hairstyle, but leaves the front of her hair out, constantly blending her left out hair with the straight textured weaved hair. Chances are she is using heat to blend her hair with her extensions. Over time she will experience a difference in structure between her left out hair and her tucked away hair. This heat damage will result in split ends, dry hair and ultimately hair loss. Now, imagine if all of the hair on your hair experienced the same damaging effects because you chose to flat iron your hair several times a week.

Stop the Heat!

The best way to prevent hair damage as a result of excessive heat use is to stop using heat on your hair. Flatirons and blow dryers can be extremely detrimental to your hair, especially if used at high temperatures or too frequently. Twist-outs, braid outs and roller sets are great styles that create texture and versatility without the heat.
If you MUST use heat, do so sparingly; we suggest less than 2 or 3 times a month. Use high-quality flat irons that are coated and durable. Also, use heat protectors before using any heated styling appliance. Heat protectors form heat-absorbing polymers around the hair, thus preventing serious heat damage.
Ultimately, if you want healthy, beautiful, growing hair, the excessive heat use has got to stop. Start showing your hair some love, and stop the heat!
-Chelsey Wilkins

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