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By . - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm not feeling well today, so I decided to stay at home in bed and crochet my winter hats and scarves. As I was sitting here I thought.... I should be deep conditioning right now. I very rarely get moments when I'm doing absolutely nothing, so it's a perfect time to slather some goodness on my hair.

My roots aren't feeling extremely soft, and since I did a protein deep condition Friday night, I will go ahead and do a moisture deep condition today. Here is what I'll be mixing up.

 Queen Helene Super Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream
Castor Oil
Cayenne Pepper Hair Oil - which includes:
          • Cayenne Pepper
          • Coconut Oil
          • Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Seed Oil
          • MSM

I am seeking a creamy consistency. I don't want anything dripping down my neck and destroying my bedding. I will condition overnight and rinse in the morning. I should have happy bouncy curls in the morning.

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