My New Growth Aid - Cayenne Pepper Hair Oil

By . - Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cayenne Pepper Hair Oil
  • 1 tbs of cayenne pepper
  • 1 tbs of pure msm powder
  • 3 oz of Olive oil & Seed Oil
  • 6 oz of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Add all these ingredients to an applicator bottle and let it sit for 1 week before using. The oil should be a burnt orange to rust color when you are ready to use it. Shake well and apply directly to the scalp.

How I use it
  1. Apply the oil directly on my scalp for my nightly scalp massage.
  2. Use it as a hot oil treatment prepoo.
  3. Use it in conjunction with my various deep conditioners.
  4. Use a couple of drops in the morning to add shine to my hair.
  5. Use it as a sealant when moisturizing my ends.
This oil could make your eyes burn, so be sure to avoid your eyes at all times.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper
  • Cayenne pepper increases peripheral blood flow. Who doesn't want maximum circulation to there scalp?
  • It can treat hair loss by increasing blood flow to damaged body parts, in the case of hair follicles it can spur new growth.
Benefits of MSM

  • MSM works with the natural keratin and protein levels of the hair to accelerate the hair growth cycle by extending the length of the hair growth cycle.
  • MSM works with all types of hair to promote the proper production of oils within the hair to reveal added shine to the hair, and to bring shine into dry, dull and lifeless hair. 
  • MSM also benefits hair which has been heavily chemically treated such as colored hair, or hair which has been treated with permanent wave solution. 

Benefits of Olive Oil & Seed Oils
  • Olive oil helps to cure dandruff when massaged into the scalp.
  •  A hot oil treatment featuring olive oil will help you gain manageability of your hair.
  • A natural deep conditioning treatment of olive oil each week can replace the extra silicone ingredients used in conditioners that give your hair a false feeling of softness of for a few hours.
  • Grapeseed oil is light and is easily absorbed into the hair. It helps coat the hair to moisturize and reduce breakage, from dry brittle hair.
Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • The various fatty acids present in Coconut Oil serve as very good anti dandruff agents and are way better than any anti dandruff shampoo.
  • Coconut Oil has high moisture retaining capacity, since it is not broken down easily nor evaporated, being very stable. It does not let moisture escape thus keeping hair moistened and soft.

I am very happy with this oil so far. I find that it really helps to keep my roots nice and soft. I am keeping an eye out for any texture changes to my hair. I have heard across many hair boards of MSM changing the texture or loosening the curl pattern. I'll be back with more updates.

Have A Good Hair Day!!

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  1. Do you wash it out immediately or do you allow it to sit on your scalp? I am wondering if I could use this mixture as an overnight pre poo.

  2. hey

    I cant seem to find MSM powder, only real MSM capsules. Must I buy them and open up the capsules


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