Natural Hair Story - Meet VavaCherie

By . - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Name: VavaCherie

Age Range: 25-30

Hair type: 4B

When did you start your healthy hair journey?: I've always had healthy hair, even when I was on "creamy crack"... I only indulged every six months. Then in Dec 2009, when I was supposed to relax, I just decided not to do it. I had some nice waves going on so I said why not rock it that way? I've always LOVED my mom's wavy hair... so I began transitioning.

To big chop or not to big chop? That is the question: I DID NOT BC. I could not part with my length! I've always had long hair and was teased for having a big head, so I could not imaging my big head, without my hair. I transitioned with twists, flexi rod sets, braids, wigs and weaves for 13 months. By then most of my relaxed hair had left me anyway, so I decided to just chop the last of it off after washing one day.

What is your protective hairstyle of choice?: My protective style of choice is rope twists or kinky twists. I LOVE the rope twists, but finding someone to do them in my area is hard and expensive. So I'm looking into styling my own hair in Mini Twists.

Favorite hair product and why: How do I pick just ONE!! I like AVJ because I can use it all year long and my hair responds very well to it. I also LOVE HE LTR... I just jumped on that bandwagon, I add Haitian Castor and peppermint oils to it, dilute it a bit and use it as a leave in... my hair LOVES it... I'm also slowly falling in LOVE with Shea Moisture Conditioning Curl & Style Milk... My hair just SOAKED this UP! Honorable mention: Giovanni Direct Leave In SN: I may be a bit of a PJ :-)

Finish this sentence: My hair is at it's happiest when... I DC and cowash on the regular and when I do low to no manipulation styles.

What does 'Good Hair' mean to you?: Good hair is healthy hair. Whether it be relaxed, textlaxed or natural, "Good Hair" is hair that is being cared for consistently and properly. 

Ask and you shall receive. My girls with type 4 hair are coming from the left and the right. Thank you for your submission Vava. Tell a friend!

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