Alcoholic beverage going straight to your hair?

By . - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your traditional beer contains loads of vitamin B along with protein which is found in malt & hops. These proteins are said to help repair damaged hair and improve the overall body. On top of that, the maltose and sucrose sugar in the beer help tighten the hairs cuticle enhancing shine. Scientists are really sure whether the corn, rice or wheat proteins can actually penetrate the cuticle, there is no doubt that it makes the hair seem thicker. Who knew that beer would actually swell the hair shaft?!
It's best to use traditional beers without a strong smell. That means you say no to Bud and yes to Guinness.

Beer Hair Rinse

Tools: A can of flat beer which does not have a strong odour of alcohol.

The frequency of use: Once a month

How to Apply: After shampooing the hair rinse your hair thoroughly with a flat room temperature beer. Allow the beer to sit on the hair for a few minutes. Proceed to rinse the hair with cold water in order to seal the cuticle.

Benefits: Both alcohol and hops are astringents so they can help get rid of product residue and sebum from the scalp. A beer rinse is even gentle enough for those with dry scalps

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