Pin Curls

By . - Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pin Curls are the perfect way to create big, voluminous curls without the damage of heat and the inconveniece of rollers. They are also an alternative to nightly wrapping, bantu knots and twist outs.

Here's how to create pin curls

Step 1: Start with straightened hair
Step 2: Apply a light moisturizer to your ends, and seal with your favorite oil.
Step 3: Take medium-large sections of the hair smoothing each section into one large curl
Step 4: Twist the curl down onto the scalp in a creating a circle.
Step 5: Create 6-12 curls depending on your length and thickness
Step 6: Secure the curl with two bobby pins in an 'x' position or a metal prong clip
Step 7: Cover with scarf and allow the curls to set overnight (the longer the better)
Step 8: Carefully finger style the curls into place the next day to preserve the body and prevent frizzing.

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